Friday, November 17, 2006

I assure you, we're open!

The amount of activity on this blog has been only slightly less than the amount of progress at the houses, so it's time to bring in a new subcontractor. For the blog, that is.

This post comes to you from Mr. Nola, a.k.a. the husband of this blog's executive officer, Nola. I think there had been some confusion on that issue already. I've considered taking the helm for a while now, as Nola is far too busy to manage the blog on top of her other responsibilities. The final straw came when Nola told me that we had been solicited to audition for an ABC reality show as "a homeowner that is in over your head" with renovation projects! I'm sure the offer went out to anyone with a houseblog, but part of me suspects that the scope of our projects and recent silence on this blog were factors.

Nola didn't think she had enough to do already, so she started law school this fall. Until her schedule lightens up and/or Stella's overall health and development rockets forward, blog entries will be submitted from Mr. Nola instead of the original [Ms.] Nola. I hope that this discontinuity will be offset by the additional content.


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