Saturday, April 29, 2006


Can you believe it, we have a FEMA trailer! They finally handed over the keys this week, after hooking us up to our neighbor's water supply and sewer line. Not entirely legal, but the neighbors aren't coming back anytime soon anyway. It'll get fixed eventually. The thing is actually totally cute and I'm dying to pimp it out. It screams for red velvet curtains and faux leopard skin throws. It's much too small for us to live in with a two-year-old, and I wouldn't want her to be around all the construction in the area anyway, but it will be a faboo backyard bar and guest shack. Mr. N is less enthusiastic than I am about a novelty "If the trailers a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'" license plate, but I think it's mandatory.

A volunteer group from Plano, TX did an amazing amount of gutting and clean-up for us this week. It's very humbling to have a group of professionals contribute literally thousands of dollars worth of labor so that we can put our money towards materials. It's a strange feeling, really.